What are

Renewable Energies


Renewable energies are those energies that come from natural resources that are not depleted and that can be used permanently. Its environmental impact is zero in the emission of greenhouse gases such as


CO2, Solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic and electric energy are considered renewable energy. Biomass and tidal energy can also be included in this group.


Solar energy is a renewable energy, obtained from the use of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun.

Today, heat and sunlight can be used through various collectors such as photovoltaic cells, heliostats or thermal collectors, and can be transformed into electrical or thermal energy


Wind energy is the energy obtained from wind, that is, the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents, and that is converted into other useful forms of energy for human activities.


Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that is obtained by harnessing the natural heat of the interior of the earth that is transmitted through hot rock bodies or reservoirs by conduction and convection, where fluid and rock interaction processes occur , giving rise to geothermal systems.


Hydraulic energy, water energy or hydropower is one that is obtained from the use of the kinetic and potential energies of the water flow, waterfalls or tides.


Tidal energy is what is obtained by taking advantage of the tides: through the use of an alternator, the system can be used to generate electricity, thus transforming tidal energy into electrical energy, a safer and more usable energy form.


It is understood as such a set of renewable organic matter of vegetable, animal origin or originating from its natural or artificial transformation. As a source of energy, it has enormous versatility, allowing it to obtain solid and liquid or gaseous fuels through different procedures.

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